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Over the 15 years at NBCFC, Christo has successfully led and strategically developed and expanded multiple departments. This success can be attributed to his passion to identify, grow and develop leaders. He is a visionary in his own right and he recognizes that strategic intent and systematic implementation is necessary to achieve the set vision.



Building teams since 1995

From his early days leading teams on the sports field, walking with individuals to rebuild their lives to helping business grow. You need someone to guide you through the journey.  

Do you need someone to identify the strengths of the people on your team, how to harness their abilities and bring the best to the forefront?



Why Join me?

I believe in YOU.

A regular guy with a huge passion for people

I believe that I would not be able to call myself successful unless others have benefited from my Life. What can I leave behind for people to follow on? Unless one’s life impacts another for the better – how can we claim success?


Some of his mentees have described him as: 

A visionary in his own right and recognises that strategic intent and systematic implementation is necessary to support the vision of an individual or a team.


A leader of great character because the qualities exhibited by him includes a man who values other people and their opinions. A man whose motive is to grow and develop others recognizing that you must grow yourself first.


Christo is determent to learn and develop his own character and skills and competencies. His style of leadership is transparent and open, passionate about people recognizing the value that each individual can add to the big picture.


He identifies potential in others and helps them to develop their purpose.


“A leader that leads not only by words but by actions”,
“A leader that is not concerned about titles or positions but simply to grow others”,
“A leader that is focused on leading well” and
“A leader whose style of leadership is transparent and open


My Philosophy

I build people, it’s as simple as that. 


Grow people

Your current capacity cannot hold your future destiny. We all have been dealt with a standard set of abilities, resources or attributes. Some people say there’s not much we can do with what we have. I want to challenge you, there IS!




Extend your influnce

Your influence come from who you are and what you have to offer but also from your past success. Look at what you have achieve in your life and strategically plan how to extend that.



Develop a plan to execute

The process of expansion is when your future potential and reality meetsYou know there is that something magical, special and unique about you. Start developing it, test it, see what you are capable off.

Let’s Work Together

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