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Leadership live

Join me every Friday 13:00

Life & leadership coaching

Let us help you bring fulfilment to your potential

Aspects of vision

We help your business grow faster

Take back your life

  • Prioritise
  • Plan
  • Purpose

Process of building a team

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Growth Plan

Every December people set goals for the coming year. Why not START today? Let us work together on a growth plan for your life that will assist you with implementing day to day activities that will produce real growth. It’s time to take back your life.


Coaching Service

You have potential and you are worth more than you know. All that potential is already inside you, waiting to be unlocked. Let us work together to bring that to life.





Masterminds & Leadership workshops

As a certified John Maxwell coach, trainer, and speaker I offer customised presentations to fit your individual or team’s needs and budget. This offering includes half or full day workshops or weekly Masterminds sessions.


Business Building

Vision is the set focus that will drive your business. Are you sold out to it? Building your business will require certain skillsets, most importantly how you communicate your vision. Will people buy into what you are offering? We will explore what vision is and how to establish it, clarifying the set outcomes needed, developing a strategic plan, building an effective team and implementing structures and systems that will guarantee set outcomes.

Building Teams

Teams don’t just form, and players don’t just appear. There is a process in developing highly successful teams. Having someone walk you through the steps will assist you to build the people, form the culture and establish the team. Let us help you identify the strengths of the people in your team and how to harness their abilities.

Public Speaking / Key Notes

“Life is great, we just sometimes seem to miss the great moments”

Using challenges, obstacles and adversity Christo draws from life experiences to shape his future for the better. With his unique ability to bring perspective from those experiences he communicates his message that you too can become REMARKABLE.

You have the value that can EXPAND your world

Your life is filled with unlimited potential.

With the right plan and team around you the possibilities are endless.

You have great value on the inside, you simply need someone to identify it.

Let’s do it together.

“the other things that struck out for me was you’re a great listener, and in leadership the ability to listen is paramount. Not listening to respond but listening to understand and you’ve always been a great lister, and whenever you listen, you always have a unique ability to bring about an understanding to a person, where they have that ahaaa moment and you bring clarity where there is confusion and where there is calamity and that is also the mark of a great leader.”

Quincy Meyers

Let’s Work Together